Cyber-attack on UK parliament, 90 MPs’ E-mail accounts hacked

UK Parliament has been hit by a “sustained and determined” cyber-attack by hackers attempting to gain access to MPs’, lawmakers and their staffers’ email accounts. Both houses of parliament were targeted in the attack that sought to gain access to accounts protected by weak passwords.

 MPs said they were unable to access their emails after the attack began and cited blackmail as a possible  motive. The estate’s digital services team said they had made changes to accounts to block out the hackers,  and that the changes could mean staff were unable to access their emails.

chris rennard -liberal democrat peer in the house of lords tweet

The Parliamentary IT team “temporarily restricted remote access to the network” and warned that “As a result, some Members of Parliament and staff cannot access their email accounts outside of Westminster. ” But if the emails were successfully accessed, experts believe and have warned that politicians could be at risk of blackmail or terror attacks.


The Russian government is suspected of being behind a cyber-attack on parliament that breached dozens of email accounts belonging to MPs and peers.Although the investigation is at an early stage and the identity of those responsible may prove impossible to establish with absolute certainty, Moscow is deemed the most likely culprit.


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