Another massive Ransomware Outbreak petya Is Infecting Computers Across the World Right Now

A quickly-spreading, world-wide ransomware outbreak petya has reportedly hit targets in Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries. several people on Twitter reported witnessing or hearing reports of the outbreak in their respective countries, and across a wide range of industries. companies around the world also reported computer outages.

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As of now Ukraine’s government, National Bank and biggest power companies all warned of cyberattacks Tuesday. Airports and metro services in the country were also reportedly affected, though it appears they’re victims of another massive ransomware outbreak that’s spreading across the world fast and hitting a significant number of critical infrastructure providers.

The impact currently appears to be most severe in Ukraine, including major energy companies such as the state-owned Ukrenergo and Kiev’s main supplier Kyivenergo. Government officials have reportedly sent images of their infected computers, including deputy prime minister Pavlo Rozenko

From the looks of images being posted across social media, the petya ransomware note is in English and demanding $300 in Bitcoin, similar to the WannaCry ransom.

An image of the alleged ransomware screen




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