Built-in Protection for Windows 10 against Ransom ware Attacks


Two massive ransomware attacks — wannacry and petya  recently have caused chaos and disruption , forcing governments, ATMs, shipping companies, hospitals, airports and car companies to shut down their operations worldwide.

Most ransomware in the market, are specifically designed to target computers running Windows operating system, which is why Microsoft has been blamed for not putting proper defensive measures in place to prevent such threats. So, Microsoft is adding features to its Windows 10 software that may help keep users safe.

The latest windows 10 preview build released to some windows insiders has a new feature called “controlled folders,” Microsoft says: The new feature aims to protect files from malicious apps and other threats by monitoring changes made to contents within a controlled folder.

Microsoft says that users will get a notification if any malware or blacklisted applications attempt to change a protected file. Windows Insiders can activate controlled folders via the Windows Defender Security Center under Virus & Threat Protection in settings.


Windows 10 controlled-folder access for ransom ware-protection



The documents, pictures, movies and desktop folders are automatically added as controlled folders, which cannot be changed by users.Users can also allow apps they trust to make changes. Trusted apps can be added through the Controlled Folder Access Panel.

Currently,the company is planning to remove the SMBv1 (Server Message Block version 1) — a 30-year-old file sharing protocol which came to light last month after the devastating WannaCry outbreak from the upcoming Windows 10.

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