India’s biggest ever data breach: 120 million Jio customers database leaked online

The LTE mobile network operator in India, The world’s largest data network having 4G base stations than all the Indian operators combined ,offering high speed mobile internet connection & an engaging digital ecosystem for a seamless digital experience Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, or Jio, customers database leaked online.


According to sources, reliance Jio customer data has been leaked on an independent website named Magicapk. Several sensitive details including Aadhaar Number, first name, last name, mobile number, email-id,circle, SIM Activation ,Date have been exposed.  It could be the biggest data breach in India as the data leak in question over pertains to a database of over 120 million users of Reliance Jio. Data of all the people who got the Jio sim card during the preview offer are most affected.

Initially our team of jio users got all the details. But the website seems already a little sluggish and expected to go down soon as more users rush to find out if their personal data has been leaked. It took a couple or three tries for the number to show up on the website. It is not clear at this moment why this data has been leaked or how someone outside Jio got access to sensitive customer data.

Our team tried to find the details about the owner of the domain in question but seems to be hidden and marked private. Data of all the people who got the Jio sim card during the preview offer are most affected . Recent numbers don’t seem to be found in the database.  

A jio user detail

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