Case Study : How Hacker’s Hacked Equifax ?

Equifax is a US Based consumer credit reporting agency with more than 800 million business worldwide. Recently Equifax has suffered a massive data breach that has left the data of more that 150 million users in the hand of hackers.

So How the hackers managed to hack into Equifax ?


As per the statement released by Equifax, hackers exploited a vulnerability named Apache Struts Remote Code Execution  (CVE-2017-5638) to hack into the servers of Equifax, which resulted in this massive data breach. The vulnerability was a web software bug which was patched by the developers  in March 2017. Equifax failed to apply the patch released for that particular vulnerability on time.


What is Apache Struts (CVE-2017-5638) Vulnerability ?



Apache struts is a open source web development frame work, which is used to create java based web application. The vulnerability affects the struts plug-in which handles the Requests to the server. Exploiting this issue requires sending a post request with a specially crafted XML data to a host running the vulnerable Apache Struts framework.  The metaexploit module for Apache Struts exploitation is :

Module Name


Upon successful exploitation the hackers will get a remote access to the victim server.


How to protect ourself from the impacts of Equifax Hack ?

  • Change your password
  • Monitor account activities
  • Freeze your account for a while (If Possible)

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