Yahoo says that the 2013 data breach affected 3 billion accounts, tripling the originally reported number

SAN FRANCISCO – Yahoo has tripled down the 2013 data breach, saying that it affected 3 billion account, not the 1 billion it revealed last year.


Yahoo faced a massive data breach on 2013 and the company disclosed that last December. Company provided notice to around 1 billion users that time and today company announced that it will send mails to another 2 billion users . That is three times the number which the company disclosed last year.


Hackers managed to hack into yahoo exploiting some serious vulnerabilities and they got access to personal details like Email ID, Password, Phone Numbers, Security Questions and Answers . The hackers used “forged ‘cookies’” – bits of code that stay in the user’s browser cache so that a website doesn’t require a login with every visit. The cookies “could allow an intruder to access users’ accounts without a password” by misidentifying anyone using them as the owner of an email account. The breach may be related to theft of Yahoo’s proprietary code, Lord (Yahoo CISO) said.


Yahoo claimed that the leaked passwords are not in plain text but as the Security Questions and Answers are leaked hackers can hack accounts using the same.

It is a big shame to Verizon which recently acquired Yahoo and recently it started using Yahoo to serve advertisements for Verizon users.

How Can I Protect My Self From Yahoo Hack ?

  1. Change your password as soon as possible .
  2. Turn On 2 Factor Authentication.
  3.  Monitor your account activity.
  4. Change your security question and answer.

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