On Tuesday, Microsoft, October 17 announced the beginning of the rollout of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Upgrade (version 1709). Together with, Microsoft announced the first blended actuality headphones can be found to buy now and introduced the top Reserve 2 laptop (more on that elsewhere).

Machines which come preloaded with Windows 10 would be the first to receive Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. However, the new version will gradually roll out to other devices as well. You can manually get the Fall Creators Update on your system by using the Update Assistant from Microsoft’s Software Download site. If you don’t want to undergo the manual way, you can wait for Windows Update to do its job when the Update becomes designed for your Windows 10 machine.

In your blog post, Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President, Devices and Windows Group, said, “Today, we deliver the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offering breakthroughs in creativeness – from getting combined reality and 3D to the masses, to faster broadcasting for gaming, to turning photos and videos into real remembrances, therefore a lot more. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can be experienced on a wide variety of Home windows 10 PCs and on a range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets available for the first time today. We believe the Personal computer is the ultimate canvas for creativeness and can empower visitors to create like nothing you’ve seen prior. That is why we are building Surface to be the best laptop and are delighted to introduce the Surface Publication 2, the most effective Surface yet.”

The brand new Windows update will bring features like a Fluent Design System and a smarter and better Windows Defender. But, what all does it have waiting for you?

The first massive development that comes with Home windows 10 Fall Creators Update is the Fluent Design System. Codenamed Project Neon, the new design language is touted to be always a “significant step of progress in re-envisioning the way” for cross-platform apps. There are five basic principles, called light, depth, movement, materials and scale, which all give space for rich applications that can size continuously.

Notably, the fundamentals use the available hardware to make Windows 10 a more form-factor friendly platform. “Fluent Design allows the creation of more expressive and engaging encounters that work constantly across devices — from large screens, to small displays, to no screen-all in a real way that will drive higher engagement and love for your apps,” Microsoft’s Commercial Vice Leader for Windows Developer division Kevin Gallo composed while detailing the new design language in a post.

In addition to the Fluent Design System, Microsoft has developed Story Remix which allows you to combine photos, videos, music, text and 3D objects to create personalised video content. You can also use some advanced editing features to ‘anchor’ text or change the backdrop sound with your favourite track. The Windows 10 update will also include a cloud-powered Clipboard that will let you access the written text you copied on your Windows 10 on your Google Android or iOS devices.

Microsoft has built OneDrive Data files On-Demand that will help you access your documents live, without downloading them locally. This feature is obviously essential if you are operating out of space on your device but may also be useful in case you want to work on some unedited documents. The cloud Clipboard also helps move data between devices.

Among the other notable features, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings a far more advanced Windows Defender also. The Redmond large is using some “behind the scenes cloud intelligence” that is claimed to safeguard you against ransomware and exploits. This technology upgrade would reduce the instances of security breaches to some extent. Other improvements include better Home windows Ink, having the ability to ink straight into PDFs, and Smart Ink.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Upgrade users can also look forward to better battery life (on notebooks and tablets), improvements in performance, improved Game Setting, and the new Vision Control feature.


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