All you need to know about Samsung’s new Thrive app to beat your Smartphone addiction.

Thrive is an app that turns your phone off, developed by Samsung and Arianna Huffington with dark, sleek, slightly sinister appearance.

It is exclusively for Samsung phones will be in market from this December.

Thrive works automatically. Though it sounds a little like the “off” button in every phone but the difference is the way it makes you to concentrate on other things by  monitoring how much time you spend using different apps, and stops you receiving notifications for set periods. The new app showing off online is showing off that you’re not online.

Thrive lets you to monitor how much time you spend using different apps.

The app is quite like our brain deciding everything for us so that we can be more productive. But here the problem might be some persons may like but not everybody feels the same.

As people of this generation feels like a bit addicted to their phones, spending time on unnecessary things rather than those useful for them so thrive is perfect for this generation.

So, people who don’t make good decisions about their phone should authorise the phone to make the decisions for them.

The British charity YoungMinds urges young people to have at least 15 phone-free minutes every day. Their survey found that 60% of 18- to 25-year-olds thought they would benefit from a break.

Huffington says, “The Thrive app will allow you to spend time with your child and be fully present.” People trying to message you during special family time will get a reply saying that you’re “in Thrive mode”.

They further added that they want this app to spread socially, to be “more than just a product” and “create new cultural norms about what we value”.

The company’s plan is “to help people take control of their lives and their technology – instead of being controlled by it”.


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