Chinese Man Gets 5-Year Prison for Running ‘Unauthorized’ VPN Service


Freedom and security should never be misunderstood, they are very different aspects that is very essential.We cannot take away freedom in the name of security that’s the beginning of a new dispute that can soon lead to civil war.


While continuing its crackdown on services that help Chinese citizens to bypass Great Firewall, Chinese government bodies have sentenced a guy to five-and-a-half years in prison for offering a VPN service without finding a proper permit from the federal government.


Earlier this year, the Chinese government announced a ban on “unauthorized” VPN services, making it necessary for companies to obtain an appropriate license from the government in order to operate in the country.


Citizens in China usually utilize VPN and Proxy services to bypass the country’s Great Firewall, known as the Golden Shield task also, which uses a variety of tricks to censor the web in the country.

The Great Firewall project already blocked usage of more than 150 out of the world’s 1,000 top websites, which include Google, Facebook, Tweets, Dropbox, Tumblr, as well as the Pirate Bay in the country.


VPN helps Chinese citizens encrypt their Internet traffic and route it through a distant connection so that they can cover their identities and location data while accessing websites that are usually restricted or censored by the United States.

To tighten grip over the Internet, the Chinese federal government announced a 14-month “clean-up” marketing campaign in January, which now led to the word of Wu Xiangyang, a Chinese citizen from the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, for offering a non-licensed VPN service from 2013 until this June that helped thousands of users illegally bypass Great Firewall.


Xiangyang was fined 500,000 yuan ($76,000) by the courtroom in the southern region of Guangxi, according to for an announcement from China’s Procuratorate Daily on Wednesday.

The report also said he was convicted of collecting “illegal revenue” of 792,638 yuan ($120,500) from his unlicensed business.


Xiangyang marketed the VPN service on its website, popular shopping site Taobao (owned by Alibaba) and on social media sites. In March last year, his company stated on Twitter to have 8 also,000 foreigners and 5,000 businesses which consist of VPN service to search websites obstructed in China.

This wasn’t the first sentencing made in China for selling a VPN service without holding an effective license. Another Chinese language citizen, Deng Jiewei, was sentenced to nine weeks in prison and fined 5,000 Chinese yuan this March for selling unauthorized VPNs on his website.


In July Apple also removed some of the popular VPN apps, including ExpressVPN and Superstar VPN, from its official Chinese application store to adhere to the federal government crackdown that will remain set up until March 31, 2018.

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