Tech Trends That Could Change Your Life In 2018

Though any one can’t predict how the future will shake out, but we can surely make some educated guesses. As 2017 was a learning year, with amazing firsts coming from academic and laboratory settings. 2018 promises to be a year of more applied next generation technology that makes a difference in everyday life.Here are the few trending areas where you can look forward to technology changing your life in the New Year.

Virtual and augmented reality

Right now, virtual reality is a pretty isolating experience. You put on a headset and immerse yourself in a world that only you inhabit.

Frog visual designer Seth Mach wrote VR and AR will allow people to explore untold worlds together. They’ll get to play, work, and explore communally — in alternate realities. Soon, instead of being lone travellers on our augmented and virtual journeys, we’ll have friends along for the ride.

Internet coverage over the sea

Satellite communications companies like Iridium and SpaceX intend to dominate space technologies in 2018. Satellite-based internet is going to revolutionize rural and sea internet connections. Having great internet coverage over the sea has potential to change how we store data in the years to come.

Electric cars

The Economist says 2018 is the electric car tipping point because for the first time, without relying on subsidies, the total cost of ownership for an electric car is lower than for a traditional gas-powered vehicle.

The rise of blockchain technology

Frog strategists Kristina Phillips and Sally Darby believe the rise of blockchain technology won’t be limited to cryptocurrencies in 2018. They see it moving into much larger arenas of society, including government.

“Because it changes how votes are collected and minimizes the risk of fraud or manipulation, blockchain technology may be what helps more voices get heard in government matters and policy decisions,” they wrote. “By the 2018 midterm elections, we may just see an end to paper ballots altogether.”

Nanorobots in medicine

Frog interaction designer Tingyu Chen and solutions architect Jona Moore said “imagine you have a build-up of plaque in your arteries. Normally, you might take some vitamins to clear the blockage but in 2018, a doctor might slip a nanorobot down your throat to crawl through your system and eat the plaque itself.”

“All the while, it will inform personalized, targeted, intelligent advice to help you get healthier,” they wrote of these nanorobots. “Trained to detect and treat different medical issues, edible health robots will also travel through the bloodstream to deliver important nutrients.”

Low-fidelity audio and visual sensors

Frog CEO Harry West believes the emergent trend in 2018 will be low-fidelity audio and visual sensors that can provide vital information about people’s behaviour without revealing any identifying information.

“We all know big data is big business,” he wrote. “It’s why our smart phones measure nearly every aspect of our existence, from how far we walk to how long we sleep.” The problem is, the data is too intrusive.

“Lo-fi sensors square our need for convenience with our desire for anonymity — better customer experiences without violating our privacy,” he wrote.








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